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    The Sustaining Membership Network connects CGS member universities and industry leaders to advance graduate education through meaningful partnerships. Click on the company logos to learn more. Learn more about the benefits of Sustaining Membership.






    ETS was founded in 1947 on the belief that an independent, nonprofit organization devoted to education research and assessment could advance education by expanding opportunities for all learners, not just those with resources and connections. Today, we continue that journey by delivering learning tools, groundbreaking research, and trusted assessments that provide data and innovation to help students, educators and employers see clearly the next step on their path to new possibilities. 

    ETS Resources

    Contact: Ken Balazs 

    CGS Annual Meeting session recording: 
    Can a Holistic Approach Improve Student and Program Success


    ProQuest curates six centuries of content – the world’s largest collection of journals, ebooks, primary sources, dissertations, news, and video – and builds powerful workflow solutions to help libraries acquire and grow collections that inspire extraordinary outcomes. 

    ProQuest Resources
    ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Overview of Services

    Contact: Gilia Smith

    CGS Summer Workshop session recording: 
    Supporting Graduate Student Research on Indigenous Knowledges


    Academic Analytics is a full-service source for data to explore faculty research activity, facilitate faculty development, analyze research trends among peer universities, and better follow the careers of graduate and postdoctoral alumni. Our tools are the gold standard among provosts, research officers, and graduate deans for obtaining critical insight about their university through accurate, up-to-date context from the national landscape.

    Academic Analytics Resources
    Learn More About Academic Analytics

    Contact: Brenda Cooper

    Cambridge Assessment English is a department of the University of Cambridge and we develop a wide range of English language exams and tests for learners of all abilities and ages. Globally accepted by thousands of leading colleges and universities, our secure exams are a mark of excellence and give students the skills they need to succeed.       
    Cambridge Assessment English Resources
    First Choice for Universities Worldwide

    Contact: Pete Novak

    CGS Annual Meeting session recording: 
    What Should You Consider When Selecting an English Language Assessment Exam


    Cayuse empowers organizations to conduct connected graduate program management and modernize their research administration programs. Our industry-leading cloud-based platform powers a suite of applications that maximizes graduate student and faculty success, improves collaboration and streamlines work across the entire research lifecycle.. The Cayuse global community includes academic institutions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospital and health systems, government agencies, independent research institutions, and non-profit organizations.

    Contact: Jason Porter


    Discovery Education currently serves approximately 4.5 million educators and 45 million students worldwide, and its resources are accessed in over 140 countries and territories. Inspired by the global media company Discovery, Inc., Discovery Education partners with universities, districts, states, and like-minded organizations to empower educators with customized solutions that support the success of all learners. Explore the future of education at

    Discovery Education Resources
    Learn More about the Discovery Education Higher Education Network

    Contact: Susanne Thompson

    CGS Webinar recording:  
    Best Practices & Success Stories in Graduate Level Online Learning


    Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform and the most downloaded education app in the world, with more than 300 million users. The company’s mission is to make education free, fun, and accessible to all. In addition to its core platform, the company created the Duolingo English Test, an affordable and convenient language certification option that is accepted by thousands of institutions. 

    Duolingo Resources
    Duolingo English Test - Score Interpretation

    Contact: Ryan Munson 

    CGS Webinar recording: 
    English Language Assessment for Prospective International Graduate Students


    EAB partners with education leaders, practitioners, and staff to drive results across three key areas: enrollment management, student success, and institutional operations and strategy.

    EAB Resources
    3 Key Strategies to Recruit Graduate, Online, and Adult Students

    Contact: Jocelyn Powers

    CGS Annual Meeting session recording: 
    Recruiting Adult Learners During the Pandemic: Research Insights for Graduate Leaders



    Digital Commons™ is Elsevier’s suite of best-in-class turnkey solutions for institutions to openly publish, manage and promote the full spectrum of their work. Over 600 institutions — and growing — use Digital Commons to preserve and promote their intellectual output and expertise.

    Elsevier Resources
    Case Study: Serving Your Institution’s Strategic Goals with Your Repository

    Contact: Manisha Wolak


    At Liaison, we help higher education institutions identify, recruit, and enroll best-fit students with improved outreach, application, and enrollment processes. 

    Liaison Resources
    Download the newest edition of The Admissionist magazine

    Contact: Laura Nicole Miller

    CGS Annual Meeting session recording:
    Boosting Enrollment in a Competitive Market:
    How to Reach More Students without Breaking Your Budget


    Nature Portfolio is a flagship portfolio of journals, products and services, including Nature and the Nature journals. Nature Portfolio is part of Springer Nature, one of the world’s leading global research, educational and professional publishers..

    Nature Resources
    Online collection of articles on mental health and well-being

    Contact: Nicole Wagener

    CGS Annual Meeting session recording: 
    State of Open Data 2020 The Impact of Covid 19


    Prodigy Finance has helped enroll over 21,000 international graduate students across 750+ schools. Our loans are a practical option for students to independently pay for their education without requiring co-signers, collateral, or credit history. Lack of funding access continues to be a barrier for talented students from emerging markets. Connect with us to discuss how we support these populations. 

    Prodigy Finance Resources
    Working with Prodigy - We collaborate with school administrators to share Prodigy Finance loans as an option for students with unmet funding needs. Working with Prodigy is free and requires no formal endorsement.  

    Contact: Molly Dineen
    Wiley Education Services, a division of Wiley, is a leading global provider of technology-enabled education solutions that meet the evolving needs of universities, corporations, and, ultimately, learners. We partner with more than 60 institutions across the U.S., Europe, and Australia, and support over 800 degree programs.      

    Wiley Resources     

    The Power of Flexible Partnership: Case Studies of a Diverse Group of Institutions

    Contact: Kathy MacGeorge 

    CGS Annual Meeting session recording: 
    Supporting Graduate Students in Times of Uncertainty


    Beyond the Professoriate is a mission-driven organization that provides professional development to doctoral students, postdocs, and recent PhDs. We support graduate schools in their mission of preparing graduate students for careers after their degrees or postdocs.

    Beyond Prof Resources For Graduate Schools

    Contact: Maren Wood
  by DoctoralNet's mission is to provide top quality academic and professional development services to universities, inexpensively and at scale, through use of technology. 

    Video: A New Model for Remote Research Bootcamps

    Contact: Alana JamesMichael Amaloo 

    Founded in 1999, IELTS USA is the Los Angeles, California-based division of IELTS that manages acquisition of and customer relations with US organizations that accept the test, and is also responsible for increasing brand awareness and visibility among US higher education, government, and non-governmental agencies. IELTS is accepted by approx. 3,500 US institutions. Learn more at 

    IELTS Quality and Fairness brochure

    Contact: Marianne Menius


    Student Select’s products apply cutting edge AI technology to improve both the university admissions process along with uncovering deeper insights surrounding the pool of applicants.  All of these tools are designed specifically to assist admissions leaders in making informed and timely decisions. Learn more at

    Contact: Tom Monaghan




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