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    GradImpact Archive

    CGS #GradImpact draws from member institution examples to tell the larger story of graduate education. Our goal is to demonstrate the importance of graduate education not only to degree holders, but also to the communities where we live and work. Do you have a great story to share about the impact of master’s or doctoral education? Visit the CGS website for more information


    Archived GradImpact Stories

    Leading Through Adversity

    Kay Gomes Saul, Business Administration, University of Illinois – Gies College of Business


    Finding a Path in Education

    Lydia Gandy-Fastovich, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin--Madison


    McNair as a Gateway to Research

    Ariana Garcia, Higher Education, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


    It Felt a Little Bit Like Fate

    Ahjah Johnson, Student Affairs Higher Education, Miami University of Ohio


    Minding the Gap

    Diamond Cunningham, Public Health, Tulane University


    Expanding Our Understanding of Suicidal Ideation in Sexual Assault Survivors

    Ava Fergerson, Psychological Sciences, Western Kentucky University


    Dismantling White Supremacy by Emphasizing the Diversity of the Ancient Past

    Sanchita Balachandran, Preservation Studies, University of Delaware


    Using Social Media As an Effective Education, Research, and Global Outreach Tool

    Anne Hilborn, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech


    Understanding Mass Incarceration’s Adverse Effects on Families and Communities

    Avon Hart-Johnson, Human Services, Walden University


    Confronting False Narratives of American History

    Allison Seyler, History, University of Maryland Baltimore County


    Confronting Racism & Prioritizing Black Women

    Erin Lee, Public Health, University of Washington


    Better Understanding Disease Progression A Single-Cell at a Time

    Sondrica Goines, Analytical Chemistry, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill


    Shifting Research Priorities to Combat a Pandemic

    Katarina Braun, Medical Scientist Training Program and Cellular and Molecular Biology & Gage Moreno, Cellular and Molecular Pathology, University of Wisconsin – Madison


    For Country and Family

    Tyler Mobra, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa


    Radical Experimentation and Emotional Leadership

    Wayne Johnson, Management, Cornell University


    Living Her Life for Others

    Meghan Lowry, Social Work, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa


    Mission Driven

    William LaRose, Public Administration, Cornell University


    Turning Trauma into Purpose

    James Hentig, Biology, University of Notre Dame


    Providing a Beacon of Hope for Veterans and First Responders

    Nick Harnish, School of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Stages of Grief and Celebration

    Leigh Marshall, MFA, University of Iowa


    Can Fool’s Gold Help Provide Cleaner Drinking Water?

    Andrew Shaughnassy, Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University


    Empowering Community to Kickstart Rural Recovery

    Fatima Morys Barrios, International Studies, North Carolina State University


    Therapy Dog Helps Kids Expand Reading Paw-sibilities

    Meghen Bassel, Media Specialist Program, University of West Georgia


    Improving Mobility for Children with Cerebral Palsy

    Ahad Behboodi, Biomechanics and Movement Science, University of Delaware


    Pushing Boundaries and Changing Perspectives

    Thoin Begum, Public Health, University at Albany, SUNY


    Examining the Effects of Post-War Displacement on Women and Children

    Monica Burney, History, Eastern Illinois University


    An Advocate for Higher Education Equity

    Theresa Hernandez, Urban Policy Education, University of Southern California


    Better Living Through Chemistry

    Kori Andrea, Chemistry, Memorial University


    Using Traditional and Emerging Technology to Better Understand U.S. History

    Ray Sumner, Anthropology, Colorado State University


    Increasing Cooperative Impact through Community and Collaboration

    Charlene Higgins, Community Development, University of New Hampshire


    Mentorship is the Foundation of a Constructive Research Partnership

    Truong Xuan Tran, Computer Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville


    Identifying Sources of Stress in Children

    Amy Schultz, Environmental Epidemiology, University of Wisconsin—Madison


    Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion in STEAM Fields

    Rebecca Long, Computer Science, Eastern Washington University


    Creating Language Programs to Attract and Retain Multilingual Students

    Nabila Hijazi, English Language & Literature, University of Maryland, College Park


    Complicating a Binary Definition of Sex through Skeletal Studies

    Alexandra Kralick, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania


    Understanding the Biology of the Nervous System

    Megan Perkins, Neuroscience, University of Vermont


    Linking Scientific Research to the Public Good

    Rachel Owen, Natural Resources & Michael Hendricks, Political Science, University of Missouri—Columbia


    Promoting Lifelong Health and Well-Being of Veterans

    Kristina Sabasteanski, Occupational Therapy, University of Southern Maine


    Improving Battery Performance while Maintaining Safety and Stability

    Priyanka Ketkar, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Delaware


    Hoping Her Passion for Computer Science Goes Viral

    Veronica Catete, Computer Science, North Carolina State University


    Serving Others, Serving Science

    Alisha House, Clinical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Cleveland State University


    Finding a Path from Afghanistan to Materials Science

    Jeffrey Brookins, Materials Science & Engineering, University of Tennessee at Knoxville


    Environmental Science and Public Service

    Phil Steenstra, Environmental Science, Washington State University


    Veteran Continues Service by Studying Human Genetics

    Raul Torres, Biomedical Sciences, University of California, San Francisco


    Finding Community and Helping Society

    LaVoya Woods-Dionne, Master of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


    Mission First, People Always

    Allene Osborn, Social Work, Eastern Washington University


    Leader of the Pack

    Lawrence Minnis, Animal Behavior & Cognition Lab, George Mason University


    Managing the Competing Demands of Military Duty and Research in the Pursuit of a PhD

    Joshua Pearlman, Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park


    Developing Treatments and Prevention Methods for Tropical Disease

    Rajiv Jumani, Cellular, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences, University of Vermont


    Improving Mobility for Wheelchair Users through SMART Technology

    Kelilah Wolkowicz, Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University


    Advancing Innovation & Entrepreneurship by Helping New Businesses Get off the Ground

    Michael Mahoney, Master of Product Innovation, Virginia Commonwealth University


    Understanding the Effects of Natural Resource Extraction on the Habitats of an Endangered Species

    Didik Prasetyo, Ecology & Evolution, Rutgers University


    Researching the Possible Use of Plague and other Infectious Diseases as Biological Weapons

    David Markman, Biosecurity and Infectious Diseases, Colorado State University


    Contributing to a Better Understanding of the Place of North America in the Pacific

    Madison Heslop, History, University of Washington


    Studying the Forces that Move Mountains

    Ellen Lamont, Geology, Oregon State University


    Understanding the Relationship Between LGBTQ Individuals and Health Care Providers

    Lindsay Toman, Sociology, Wayne State University


    Revolutionizing Treatments for Cancer and Infectious Diseases through Gene Editing

    Theo Roth, Biomedical Sciences, University of California, San Francisco


    Identifying What Attracts Physicians to Underserved Communities

    Teresa Zhou, Economics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


    Examining the Relationships between Travel and Colonial Writing & Knowledge Production

    Noah Patterson Hanohano Dolim, History, University of California, Irvine


    Creating a Transatlantic Storytelling Group for Able-Bodied and Disabled Communities

    Hailey Hughes, English, University of West Georgia


    Taking a Multidisciplinary Approach to Better Understand Neurodevelopmental Disorders

    Arezoo Movaghar, Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Developing Novel Vaccines and Treatments against HIV and other Viruses

    Yi Wen, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Cornell University


    Advocating for Solutions that Promote Public Safety and Rehabilitation

    Ryan Gentzler, Master of Public Administration, University of Oklahoma-Tulsa


    Promoting Technology Innovation in Africa by Empowering Young Girls to Pursue STEM Education
    Unoma Okorafor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas A&M University


    Establishing an Equal Playing Field for all People to Succeed
    Garry Johnson, Entrepreneurship & Design, University of Delaware


    Inspiring Generations of Students to Solve Real World Problems

    Alyson Nelson, Educational Technology, Boise State University


    Understanding How Viruses Affect Their Hosts

    Lok Raj Joshi and Maureen Fernandes, Veterinary Microbiology, South Dakota State University


    Science Isn’t Just Something that Happens in Labs

    Arianna Soldati, Geological Sciences, University of Missouri


    Finding Innovative Ways to Empower Women through Resource Development

    Zubaida Bai, M.B.A., Colorado State University


    A Veteran Brings the Parks to the People through Research and Outreach

    Jessica Phillips, Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Sports Management, North Carolina State University


    Research to Better Understand How Antidepressants Affect Fetal Development

    Juan Velasquez, Neuroscience, University of Southern California

    Music as a Path out of Poverty

    Dafne Guevara, Musical Arts, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


    Collecting Critical Data to Predict the Response of Earth’s Polar Ice to Climate Change

    Nathan Kurtz, Atmospheric Physics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


    Studying Animal Behavior to Determine How Personality Is Shaped

    Peter Marting, Animal Behavior, Arizona State University


    Using Satellite Data Images of the Arctic to Teach the Public about Climate Change

    Zachary Labe, Department of Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine


    Educating the Public on a Decline in Marine Life through Art Installations

    Jacquelyn Dale (JD) Whitman, MFA in Art, University of Iowa


    Offering Support and Promoting Wellness for Pre and Post-Partum Women

    Adriana Dyurich, Counselor Education, Texas A&M – Corpus Christi


    Developing Advanced, Affordable Prostheses and Improving Quality of Life

    Aadeel Akhtar, Neuroscience, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


    Providing Clean Drinking Water and an Education to Rural Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Prosper Zongo, Political Science & International Relations, University of South Dakota


    Improving Airfield Safety During Extreme Weather Using Renewable Solar Energy

    Joseph Daniels, Civil Engineering, University of Arkansas


    Supporting Inmate Rehabilitation by Studying the Connection between Brain Injury and Criminal Behavior

    Kim Gorgens, Neuropsychology, University of Denver


    Using Social Media as an Effective Education, Research, and Global Outreach Tool

    Anne Hilborn, Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech


    Highlighting the Importance of Art in Repressive Societies

    Anna Rogulina, Art History, Rutgers University


    Providing Clean, Renewable, & Sustainable Electricity to Sub-Saharan Africa

    Mehrdad Arjmand and Aaron Olson, Engineering Mechanics, University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Exponentially Improving Student Learning in Low-Income Districts

    Jessica Bohlen, Education, University of West Georgia


    Improving Access to Food Pantries for Food Insecure Populations

    Matthew Schwartz, Social Work, University at Buffalo


    Research to Better Understand and Prevent Suicide in Military Veterans

    Lauren Forrest, Psychology, Miami University of Ohio


    Discovering 2 Supermassive, Colliding Black Holes 750 Million Light-Years Away

    Karishma Bansal, Physics & Astronomy, University of New Mexico


    Protecting Firefighters from Toxic Exposures through Textile Chemistry

    Chandler Maness, Textile Chemistry, North Carolina State University


    Developing Innovative Natural Fabrics from the Fibers in Banana Stems

    Joyce Nabisaalu, Design, Housing and Merchandising at Oklahoma State University


    Preserving Art for the Education and Enrichment of Future Generations

    Claire Taggart, Art Conservation, Winterthur/University of Delaware


    How Ceramic Engineering Led to Cutting-Edge Inventions in Wound Care

    Steve Jung, Materials Science & Engineering, Missouri S&T


    Using Documentary Films to Mobilize Social Change

    Mark Terry, Humanities, York University


    Developing a Breakthrough for Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer

    James Froberg & Fataneh Karandish, Physics & Pharmaceutical Sciences, North Dakota State University


    Understanding How Climate Change May Profoundly Impact an Ecosystem

    Tim Maguire, Biology, Boston University


    Building Community-Based Organizations for Violence Prevention and Education

    Dorothy Johnson-Speight, EdD, Fielding Graduate University


    Making Cloud Computing More Efficient, Reliable, and Secure

    Masoud Moshref Javadi, Computer Engineering, University of Southern California


    Using Art to Change People’s Perceptions and Increase Awareness for Sustainability

    Joseph Blake, MFA, Dance, University of Washington


    Becoming an Astronaut by Studying Life (Cave Slime) in Extreme Environments

    Zena Cardman, Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University


    Communicating Navajo History and Traditions through the Fine Arts

    Dakota Mace, MFA, Design Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison


    Innovation, Entrepreneurship Inspire Creativity: Growing Heart Tissue on Spinach Leaves

    Josh Gershlak, Biomedical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


    Diversifying Future Generations of Policy Leaders to Advance Culture of Health

    Patrice Williams, Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University


    Developing Bioengineering Strategies to Combat Autoimmune Diseases

    Lisa Tostanoski, Bioengineering, University of Maryland, College Park


    Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Develop Impactful Local Ventures

    Dustin Mix & Maria Gibbs, Venture Founders Program, University of Notre Dame


    Research in Philosophy and Deep Brain Stimulation Could Help Parkinson’s Patients

    Tim Brown, Philosophy, University of Washington


    Transforming Flood Control Technology

    Jorge Cueto, Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo


    Revolutionizing Battery Technology by Lengthening Their Lifespans

    Mya Le Thai, Chemistry, University of California, Irvine


    Using Stories and Personal Narrative to Find Meaning and Establish Connections

    Lanre Akinsiku, MFA, Writing, Cornell University


    Protecting Our Food Supply while Reducing Use of Harmful Pesticides

    Joseph Taylor, Entomology, Washington State University


    Helping Indigenous Tribes Relearn Ethnobotany & Traditional Ecological Knowledge

    Rick Flores, Environmental Studies, UC-Santa Cruz


    Researching Community Factors to Improve Wellbeing of Senior Citizens

    Jessica Finlay, Geography & Gerontology, University of Minnesota


    Supporting the Deaf Community with Free Crisis Text Line and Counseling

    Tiffany Bridgett, Clinical Psychology, Gallaudet University


    Understanding the World Through History

    Adam Stoddard, History, East Carolina University


    Improving Women’s Access to Pre-Natal Healthcare & Maternal Support

    Jisha Panicker, Public Health, Wayne State University


    Improving Biological Education for Students with Disabilities

    Andrew Hasley, Genetics, University of Wisconsin–Madison


    Increasing Graduation Rates through Mathematics Education

    Tracey Kiser, Teaching and Learning, Education Studies, University of California San Diego


    Using Drones as Humanitarian Aid Tool

    Ali Darwish, Computer Engineering, University of Alabama at Birmingham


    Sharing Powerful Narratives of Military Experience through Performance

    Gregory DeCandia, Dramatic Art, University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill



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