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    Council of Graduate Schools 49th Annual Meeting


    2009 CGS Annual Meeting Program


    Selected PowerPoint presentations from the 2009 CGS 49th Annual Meeting are below. Presentations are in chronological order by each category. Presentations are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. File size is indicated after the name of each presenter.

    Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations

    Building Web Resources
    Karen DePauw (2.09 MB)


    Legal Issues
    David Birnbaum (55 KB)


    Debra Hess Norris (7.41 MB)
    William Wiener and Amy Blumenthal (1.84 MB)


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Master's
    Robert Augustine (1.37 MB)
    Timothy Mack (1.0 MB)


    Dual and Joint Degrees
    Andrew Comrie (413 KB)
    Maxwell King (58 KB)


    Designing and Assessing Career and Professional Development Programs for Master's and Doctoral Students: A Case Study
    Judith Stoddart and Henry Campa (3.88 MB)


    Strategies for Effective Diversity Programs in Graduate Schools
    Maria Allison (52 KB)
    Daryl Chubin (507 KB)


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs-Doctoral
    Patrick Osmer (70 KB)
    Gita Ramaswamy (213 KB)


    Institutional Strategies for Addressing Three-Year Degrees - Bologna and Beyond
    Timothy Barbari (181 KB)
    Daniel Bennett (218 KB)


    Making the Case for Graduate Education at the State and Institutional Level
    Charles Caramello (5.73 MB)
    Jeffrey Engler and David Francko (714 KB)
    George Justice (327 KB)


    Professional Science Master's: How to Catalyze Success
    Eleanor Babco (136 KB)
    Patricia Bishop (1.01 MB)
    Sally Francis (192 KB)
    David King (579 KB)
    Carol Lynch (86 KB)


    Plenary Sessions Presentations

    University Presidents Speak to Graduate Education: Protecting and Developing a National Resource
    Linda Katehi (41 KB)


    From 'Brain Drain' to 'Brain Circulation': Rethinking the Global Knowledge
    AnnaLee Saxenian (291 KB)
    Paul K.H. Tam (112 KB)


    Report from the Commission on the Future of Graduate Education
    John Seely Brown (2.16 MB)


    Addressing National Priorities through Interdisciplinary Programs: Opportunities for Graduate School Leadership
    Philip Cohen (37 KB)
    Brian Mitchell (2 MB)
    Ernst Rank (1.02 MB)
    John Stevenson (19 KB)


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations

    Broadening Participation in Graduate Education
    Maureen Grasso (56 KB)
    James Wimbush (36 KB)


    Collective Bargaining for Post Docs and Graduate Assistants: Latest Developments
    Douglas Peers (100 KB)


    Organizations of Graduate Deans and Graduate Studies Around the World
    Helene Marsh (36 KB)
    Kyung-Chan Min (1.64 MB)


    Strategic Planning in Response to Growth Trends to Meet Projected Demand for Master's Degrees
    Sue Joseph (959 KB)
    Yvonne Murnane (772 KB)


    Institutionalizing Research Ethics and Scholarly Integrity: Model Programs
    Henry Pinkham (418 KB)
    Richard Podemski and Carla Thompson (543 KB)
    Jo Rae Wright (416 KB)


    The Graduate Dean's Role in Student Recruitment and Retention: McNair Scholars' Perspectives
    Cesar Rodriguez (604 KB)
    Cameron Van Patterson (724 KB)


    Work-Family Policies: Data and Institutional Responses
    Mary Ann Mason (346 KB)


    Innovations in Delivering Master's Degree Programs: Response to Changing Constituencies
    Peter Diffley (69 KB)
    Thomas Scott (55 KB)


    Positioning for Recovery in Tough Budget Times
    Steven Matson (157 KB)


    PhD Completion Project: Promising Interventions
    Sheila Bonde (883 KB)
    Neville Pinto (962 KB)


    Doctorate Recipients and Doctoral Outcomes: US and UK Perspectives
    Lynda Carlson (400 KB)
    Janet Metcalfe (1.68 MB)


    Preparing for Accreditation at Master's Focused Institutions: Assuring Efficiency and Value
    Karen Carey (25 KB)
    Ramona Mellott (6.42 MB)
    John Stevenson (737 KB)


    Beyond the NRC Research Doc Study
    Bruce Jacobs (41 KB)


    Three Approaches to Community Engagement
    Samuel Attoh (287 KB)
    Lawrence Duffy (2.55 MB)
    Edelma Huntley (907 KB)


    Matching Program Mission to Student Goals in Master's Education
    Janice Deakin (835 KB)
    Pamela Stacks (38 KB)


    To Graduate Deanship and Beyond: Career Paths
    Timothy Mack (319 KB)



    Other Presentations

    Presentation from Educational Testing Service Breakfast: GRE/TOEFL Update
    David Payne (674 KB)
    Eileen Tyson (198 KB)


    Presentation of the Award Winner of the CGS/Proquest UMI Dissertation Award in the Humanities and Fine Arts
    Kristel Smentek (873 KB)


    Presentation from LaPidus Luncheon
    Linda Darling-Hammond (228 KB)



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