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    Council of Graduate Schools 51st Annual Meeting


    2011 CGS Annual Meeting Program

    Selected PowerPoint presentations from the 2011 CGS 51st Annual Meeting are below. Presentations are in chronological order by each category. Presentations are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The file size is indicated after the name of each presenter.


    Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Master's
    Allan Headley (562 KB)
    Nancy Stamp (358 KB)
    William Wiener (891 KB)


    Technology and Graduate Education
    Andrew Comrie and Karen DePauw (2.04 MB)


    Mentoring through the Back Door: Creating Campus Buy-in for Graduate Student Career and Professional Development
    Henry Campa and Judith Stoddart (1.34 MB)


    Strategies for Promoting Excellence and Success in an Inclusive Graduate Community
    David Francko (432 KB)
    Karen Jackson-Weaver (154 KB)
    Karen Weddle-West (504 KB)


    Measuring and Monitoring Student Progress
    Nancy Marcus (1.02 MB)
    Janet Weiss (114 KB)


    Enhancing and Tracking Graduate Student Employment
    Janet Metcalfe (1.55 MB)


    Quality and Economic Foundations for Successful Online Graduate Programs
    Charles McClintock (195 KB)
    David Wittrock (375 KB)


    Graduate Fundraising in an Increasingly Competitive Environment
    Steven Matson (639 KB)
    Lisa Tedesco (618 KB)


    Building and Gaining Recognition for PSM Programs
    Sally Francis (208 KB)
    Carol Lynch (294 KB)
    John Venables (547 KB)
    William Wiener (255 KB)


    Effective Use of National and Regional Survey Data in Evaluating Graduate Program Performance
    Jeffery Gibeling (794 KB)
    David Holger (263 KB)
    Lynne Pepall (1,019 KB)


    Plenary Sessions Presentations


    Public Perceptions for Charting the Future of Higher Education
    Paul Taylor (259 KB)


    Diversity, Leadership, and Innovation
    Scott Page (3.57 MB)


    Diversity, Inequality and the Pathways to Leadership: Graduate Education for the 21st Century
    Marta Tienda (5.89 MB)


    Report from the Commission on Pathways through Graduate School and into Careers
    Patrick Osmer (407 KB)


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Students at Master's Focused Institutions
    Cynthia Brown (2.41 MB)
    Jennifer Keane-Dawes (718 KB)


    Making the Case for Graduate Education
    Robert Augustine (899 KB)
    F. Douglas Boudinot (720 KB)
    Maureen Grasso (1.22 MB)


    Structuring and Managing Interdisciplinary Degrees
    Paul DeMarco (952 KB)
    Noreen Golfman (691 KB)
    Barbara Knuth (581 KB)


    Graduate Professional Programs: Health Sciences, Education and Business
    Dennis Grady (386 KB)


    Pipelines to Graduate Education
    John Keller (212 KB)
    Miriam Pabon (326 KB)


    Completion and Attrition in STEM Master's Programs
    Samuel Attoh (633 KB)
    Nathan Bell (116 KB)
    Karen Butler-Purry (250 KB)
    MJT Smith (251 KB)
    Jerry Weinberg (146 KB)


    Humanities for What? A Global Perspective
    Graham Carr (128 KB)


    Effective Strategies for Graduate Dean Leadership
    Robert Augustine (257 KB)
    James Wimbush (116 KB)


    Mentoring to Ensure Inclusivenes
    Ralph Ferguson (588 KB)
    Janet Rutledge (699 KB)


    NSF and NIH Programs in Support of Graduate Education: Update and Future Directions
    Rodney Ulane (190 KB)


    Academic and Research Integrity in Master's Educaiton
    Edelma Huntley and Gerald Pogatshnick (687 KB)


    Graduate Student Outcomes: An International Roundtable
    Paul Tam (336 KB)


    Dealing with Students in Crisis
    Patricia Mooney-Melvin (560 KB)


    Graduate Student Learning Outcomes at Master's and Doctoral Levels
    Duane Larick (318 KB)


    Building a Culture for Graduate Education at Master's Focused Institutions
    Lawrence Fritz, Kathleen Long and Nan Yancey (715 KB)


    Managing Budget Constraints While Achieving Access and Excellence
    Andrew Comrie (1.12 MB)
    Harry Richards (518 KB)


    Technical Workshop Presentation


    Completion and Attrition in AGEP and non-AGEP Institutions
    Jeff Allum, Nathan Bell and Robert Sowell (132 KB)


    Sponsored Breakfast Presentations


    Presentation from Elsevier Breakfast
    David Calto (4.12 MB)


    Presentation from ProQuest UMI Breakfast
    John Roberts (1.48 MB)


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