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    Council of Graduate Schools 50th Annual Meeting


    2010 CGS Annual Meeting Program


    Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations

    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Master's
    Robert Augustine (780 KB)
    Allan Headley (386 KB)
    Nancy Stamp (153 KB)


    Fundraising and the Use of Advisory Boards
    Katie Busch (347 KB)
    Steven Matson (136 KB)


    Technology Tools for Graduate Education
    Andrew Comrie, Karen DePauw and Jo Rae Wright (3.50 MB)


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Doctoral
    Charles Caramello (1.09 MB)
    James Wimbush (57 KB)


    Techniques and Strategies for Ensuring Quality in International Collaborations
    Jacqueline Huntoon (149 KB)


    Copyright in the Digital Age: Impacts on Universities, Faculty and Students
    Kevin Norris (4.62 MB)


    Legal Issues
    Anne Bowden (50 KB)
    Ada Meloy (182 KB)


    Strategies for Effective Diversity Programs in Graduate Schools
    Daryl Chubin (207 KB)
    Janet Rutledge (103 KB)
    Sweeney Windchief (486 KB)


    Designing Effective Career Programs for Graduate Students and Postdocs: A Campus-Wide Approach to Professional Development
    Henry Campa and Judith Stoddart (2.82 MB)



    Plenary Sessions Presentations

    Quality and Accountability in Graduate Education
    Maxwell King (52 KB)


    The Path Forward and Promising State Strategies
    Robert Augustine (125 KB)
    Philip Cohen (177 KB)
    Carol Shanklin (33 KB)


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations

    Programs and New Directions for Scholarly Integrity and RCR
    Andrew Comrie (1.30 MB)
    Nancy Marcus (65 KB)
    Mark Risjord (696 KB)


    National Organizations of Graduate Deans: Exploring Opportunities for Global Dialogue
    Rose Alinda Alias (1.40 MB)
    F. Douglas Boudinot (73 KB)
    Wang Enge (1.69 MB)


    The Role and Status of the Master's Degree in STEM
    Brenda Brouwer (1.21 MB)
    Moheb Ghali (106 KB)
    MJT Smith (214 KB)


    Tracking Career Outcomes for Graduate Degree Recipients
    Patricia Calarco (1,012 KB)
    Lynne Pepall (754 KB)


    Utilizing the Data from the Recently Released Research Doc Study
    Jeffery Gibeling (395 KB)
    William Russel (263 KB)


    Accelerated Bachelor's /Master's Degrees
    Charles Amlaner (339 KB)
    Duane Larick (209 KB)


    Financing Graduate Education at Master's Focused Institutions
    James Brennan (61 KB)
    Peter Diffley (131 KB)


    Counting on the Humanities: Humanities Indicators' Response to Changing Constituencies
    Carolyn Fuqua (557 KB)
    Gregory Sterling (3.09 MB)


    Measuring Quality around the World: Plenary Discussion Continued
    Westley Forsythe (983 KB)


    Evolving Modalities for Doctoral Education
    Orlando Taylor (83 KB)


    Master's Completion, Retention and Time to Degree
    Nathan Bell (130 KB)
    Kenneth Tokuno (59 KB)


    Graduate Student Quality of Life
    Tim Davidson (228 KB)


    Expanding Master's Programs in Challenging Budget Times
    Lawrence Martin, Charles Taber, Axel Drees, and Mary Remmler (523 KB)


    New Directions in Preparing Future Faculty (PFF): Assessing Student Learning
    John Keller (63 KB)
    Barbara Knuth (187 KB)


    Transforming Community Engagement into Scholarship
    Kathleen Long (385 KB)


    Diverse Perspectives on Achieving Student Success
    Larry Griffith (822 KB)


    Sponsored Breakfast Presentations

    Presentation from Pearson Breakfast
    Mark Anderson (63 KB)


    Educational Testing Service Breakfast: Update from the GRE and TOEFL Programs
    David Payne and Eileen Tyson (2.24 MB)





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