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    2015 CGS Annual Meeting


    2015 Annual Meeting Program


    Selected PowerPoint presentations from the 2015 CGS 55th Annual Meeting are below. Presentations are in chronological order by each category. Presentations are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The file size is indicated after the name of each presenter.


    Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations


    Legal Issues I
    Tracy Greene and Tom Shanahan (967 KB)


    Advocacy on Your Campus
    R. William Ayres (307 KB)
    Nancy Marcus (1.31 MB)


    Empowering First-Generation and Underrepresented Students to Navigate Graduate School
    Charles Ambler (581 KB)


    Building Effective Career and Professional Development Programs: Connecting Students, Faculty and Institutional Needs and Outcomes
    Henry Campa and Judith Stoddart (2.66 MB)


    Fundraising as a Critical Instrument for Improving Graduate Education
    Katie Busch (354 KB)


    Enrollment Management
    Jeffrey Bakken (199 KB)
    Christopher Connor (4.18 MB)
    Thomas Reynolds (735 KB)
    Charles Taber (327 KB)


    Post Docs
    Jeffrey Engler, Susan Porter, and Elizabeth Watkins (199 KB)


    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    Engaging Alumni to Enhance Student Experiences
    Stephan Riek (6.03 MB)


    Integrating Research, Teaching and Learning into the Preparation of Future Faculty: Lessons From CIRTL, PFF, and Other Initiatives
    Karen Butler-Purry (268 KB)
    Henry Campa (1.53 MB)
    Wendi Heinzelman (385 KB)


    Professional Development for Master's Careers
    Jessica Horowitz (819 KB)
    Jeffrey Potteiger (997 KB)
    William Wiener (1.34 MB)


    Planning for Changing Demographics: Lessons Learned from MSI's
    Joseph Childers (354 KB)


    Holistic Review of Graduate Applications: Lessons Learned From a CGS Best Practice Project
    JoAnn Canales (574 KB)
    Maureen McCarthy (694 KB)
    James Wimbush (316 KB)


    Understanding the Impact of International Graduate Experiences
    Diana Carlin, Karen DePauw, and Henning Schroeder (1.40 MB)


    Innovative Strategies for Securing Resources: A Focus on Master's Education
    Ryan Hendrickson (207 KB)
    Kathleen Kitto (2.78 MB)
    Amy McCandless (1.54 MB)


    Strategic Initiatives in Graduate Education at the National Science Foundation
    Brian Mitchell, Gisèle Muller-Parker, Rick Tankersley, and Roger Wakimoto (2.37 MB)


    PhD Career Pathways: Instruments and Tools
    Sheryl Tucker (1.03 MB)


    Master's Admissions Processes
    Maria Di Stefano (1.32 MB)
    Susan Morgan (765 KB)


    Results from the Enhancing Student Financial Education Project
    Scott Herness (790 KB)
    Andrew Sustich (1.53 MB)


    Accessibility and Inclusion in Graduate Programs
    Susan Cozzens (936 KB)


    Paths to Prestige: Alternative Models for Master's Institutions
    Jackie Eller (1.12 MB)
    Joan Ficke (2.64 MB)


    Future of the Doctorate in the Humanities
    James Grossman (202 KB)
    Heather Zwicker (218 KB)


    Plenary Sessions Presentation


    What Employers Know, What Employers Need: Relationships that Work
    Sarah Pratt (215 KB)
    Desney Tan (947 KB)


    Sponsored Breakfast Presentation


    Presentation from ProQuest Breakfast
    Austin McLean and Marlene Coles (872 KB)


    Presentation from Educational Testing Service Breakfast
    David Payne (1.44 MB)


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