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    Council of Graduate Schools 52nd Annual Meeting


    2012 Annual Meeting Program
    Selected PowerPoint presentations from the 2012 CGS 52nd Annual Meeting are below. Presentations are in chronological order by each category. Presentations are offered as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. The file size is indicated after the name of each presenter.


    Pre-Meeting Workshop Presentations


    Fundraising as a Critical Instrument for Improving Graduate Education
    Steven Matson (1 MB)
    Lisa Tedesco (733 KB)


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Doctoral
    Henning Schroeder (598 KB)


    Assessment and Review of Graduate Programs - Master's
    Robert Augustine (1.97 MB)
    Robert Roer (398 KB)


    Technology Solutions for Tracking Student Progress
    George Justice (1.09 MB)
    Nancy Marcus (1.22 MB)


    How to Be an Effective Consultant in Graduate Education
    Diana Carlin, Deirdre Mageean, and William Wiener (164 KB)


    Graduate Schools' Role in Financial Aid
    Charles Caramello (1.55 MB)
    Paul Gemperline (164 KB)
    Brian Lee Sang (1.55 MB)


    Legal Issues
    Anne Bowden (196 KB)
    Ada Meloy (188 KB)


    Mentoring through the Back Door: Creating Campus Buy-In for Graduate Student Career and Professional Development by Offering Diverse Opportunities
    Henry Campa and Judith Stoddart (1.73 MB)


    Promising Strategies and Techniques for Broadening Participation in Graduate Education
    David A. Francko (530 KB)
    Karen Jackson-Weaver (76 KB)
    Dwight McBride (459 KB)


    Professional Science Master's (PSM) Affiliation
    David King (1.53 MB)


    Assessing Learning Outcomes in Online Graduate Education
    Michael Barr and Charles McClintock (1.52 MB)



    Plenary Sessions Presentations


    Creativity on the Benchtop: What Can We Learn from Student Researchers on the Frontiers of Science?
    Nancy Nersessian (1.25 MB)


    Advancing U.S. Competitiveness in Scientific Research and Education: Innovations at NSF
    Subra Suresh (1.63 MB)


    Career Outcomes for Graduate Degree Holders: How Do We Track?
    Iain Cameron (1.41 MB)
    Karen Klomparens (81 KB)
    William Russel (772 KB)
    Andrew Szeri (562 KB)



    Concurrent Sessions Presentations


    Advances in Models Supporting Graduate Students and Excellence in Graduate Education
    Karen Butler-Purry (1.07 MB)
    Joan Ferrini-Mundy (842 KB)


    Initial Impacts of CGS's Project on Completion and Attrition in STEM Master's Programs
    Samuel Attoh (355 KB)
    Andrew Hsu (1.50 MB)
    M.J.T. Smith (680 KB)


    Dynamic Graduate School Leadership
    Robert Augustine (1.87 MB)
    Zlatko Skrbis (188 KB)


    DIMAC: Promising Practices to Promote Success of Underrepresented Minorities in STEM PhD Programs
    Kim E. Barrett (562 KB)
    John C. Keller (128 KB)
    Karen Liller (562 KB)
    Janet Rutledge (128 KB)


    Recent Research on the Biomedical Workforce: Implications for Designing Graduate Programs
    H. Dele Davies (680 KB)
    Allen Rawitch (631 KB)


    Financial Support for Master's Students
    George Newkome (478 KB)
    Mary Osirim (141 KB)


    Perceptions of Deans and Students about Graduate Education and Career Opportunities: A Further Analysis of Pathways Through Graduate School and Into Careers
    Deirdre Mageean and Cathy Wendler (1.81 MB)


    Innovations in Master's Education
    Edelma Huntley, Kathleen Long, and Gerald Pogatshnik (99 KB)
    Edelma Huntley (108 KB)
    Kathleen Long (70 KB)
    Case Study (45 KB)


    Graduate Student Debt: Issues and Implications
    Ramona Mellott (257 KB)


    Professional Development Programs
    Sinaia Nathanson, Lynne Pepall, and John Stevenson (714 KB)


    Preparing Graduate Students for a Global Workforce
    Graham Carr (974 KB)
    John Wood (1.88 MB)


    New Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Education
    Maria Allison (636 KB)
    Anselm Fremmer (278 KB)


    Building Community at Master's Focused Institutions
    Jennifer Keane-Dawes (537 KB)
    Margaret McManus (1.5 MB)


    Creative Solutions to Budgetary Challenges
    Introduction (257 KB)
    Philip Cohen (207 KB)
    Maureen Grasso (286 KB)
    Pamela Stacks (167 KB)


    Joint and Dual Degree Programs: Planning for Success
    Arnaud Chevallier (605 KB)
    Dick Strugnell (278 KB)



    Sponsored Breakfast Presentations


    Presentation from Educational Testing Service Breakfast
    David Payne and Eileen Tyson (1.17 MB)


    Presentation from ProQuest UMI Breakfast
    John Roberts (1.67 MB)



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